BrainZone Songwriting Camp

Aside from the regular publishing and synchronization services, BrainZone Sync & Publishing organizes special writing retreats at least twice a year. We love connecting the industry’s best. The BrainZone Songwriting Camp is a creative marathon of meetings connecting artists with experienced songwriters and producers.

Writers, producers and artists will be able to come together to do precisely what they love most about the profession they chose: making music.

All this will be guided and accompanied by progressive music professionals so that all efforts and input will also be relevant in these changing times.

Joining our roster brings you opportunities for collaborations and opens up the songwriting world to you by providing opportunities to bring your songwriting skills to fruition.


A brand new edition of our Songwriting camp took place on June 16 – 18 2021, followed by a Talent Stage on June 19 2021.


2pm-2:45 (panel in Czech)

MARIE ZHOŘOVÁWhat is music publishing? What is synchronization licencing?

Like it or not, as an artist, you are a business. Your creative works are your business assets. As an independent artist, you are in effect your own product, label and publisher all at the same time. Do you want to find out how to get more out of your music? Would you like to try and pitch your music for sync in TV or film? Do you need help with digital distribution, playlisting or royalty collection? Are you seeking advice on how to build the right team for you? Tune in to this panel with Marie, Head of BrainZone Sync & Publishing.


2:45-3:30pm (panel in Czech)

MARIE ZHOŘOVÁ: Interview with a special guest 

“How does Hollywood look at classical instrumental music comparing to the Czech Republic? Why is a composer’s life a lonely one? And what is the difference between an artist and a composer in sync? On all this but not just that – with our special guest.”


30 minute break


4pm-5pm (panel in EN)

“BARRY COFFING: Songwriting for film & TV: Tips & Tricks for writing songs that work to picture”

Barry Coffing has written over 200 songs for film and TV and is an Emmy nominated composer with a #1 hit TV theme. He owns a company Music Supervisor that pitches 120-140 projects a month. Barry will speak on the basics of a digital audio workstation and how to lock to timecode. You will learn the difference between the radio single song structure and film & TV song structure. Do you want to write for picture? All the tips and technical guidance on delivery, contracts and licensing seasons.


5pm-5:30pm (panel in EN)

KARI KIMMEL: “Film & TV Music Licensing: Being Seen & Heard In A Highly Competitive Industry”

In an industry that seems to have much more supply than demand, finding a way to rise above the noise and be heard is extremely important.  Kari will discuss her journey which began with the writing and licensing of her own music, and led to the start of her licensing company Glow Music Group.  With over 1000 placements of her own music (including 28+ theme songs) to landing well over 700 placements of other artist’s music so far, Kari has had an eventful and successful career in music licensing, and shows no signs of stopping.


5:30pm-6:00pm (panel in EN)

CARMEN RIZZO: “How to create a competitive Master from your bedroom” 

Many artists think they need expensive equipment and an extensive team to achieve a quality of song that is radio ready. But it doesn’t have to be the case. Carmen Rizzo, who’s worked as a producer with Seal, Alanis Morissette, Dido and written for many series such as True Blood or CSI Miami, will talk about how you can achieve a competitive Master right from the comfort of your couch.



Q&A and LISTENING SESSION – CARMEN RIZZO (producer) + KARI KIMMEL (music supervisor) + MARIE ZHOROVA (sync & publishing) + MIROSLAV HELCL (label A&R)

Pitch your song for film and get feedback from music supervisors and producers. In cooperation with SoundCzech, BrainZone Sync & Publishing is accepting submissions from artists in Czech Republic, no matter your size, genre or language you write in. We will pick a handful of artists who will be able to participate in a listening session with our panelists, get feedback from them, and pitch their music for film.

Do you have a question for any of our panelists? Send us your questions through TicketLive or directly during our panel.