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BrainZone Songwriting Camp – Czech artists from bands such as Chinaski, Mydy and Vanua2 will be joined by writers from Tileyard Music!

Tileyard Music is responsible for the hits of Sigala, Ella Eyre, Kygo, Chainsmokers and many more! In June, Tileyard writers will come together with Czech bands Chinaski, O5 a Radeček and Czech artists like Žofie Dařbujánová (Mydy), Marcell, Yanick Tevi (Vanua2) and Aiko, to name a few. A new edition of BrainZone Songwriting Camp takes place from June 16 in Prague, and it is where these creative and inspiring composers, lyricists and producers will meet, and get to exchange their experiences and to write songs. After this three-day marathon of songwriting sessions with renowned producers and virtual workshops, BrainZone Services will host a Talent Stage concert in Riegrovy Sady on June 19, where Bookie Baker, Peter Aristone, Aiko, Marcell and Adovany will perform. Czech artists will be able to participate in online webinars a day prior to the Camp. 

BrainZone Songwriting Camp will take place from June 16-18 in five improvised studios in BandZone’s practise rooms. This invite-only event will host artists such as: Michal Malátný, František Táborský, Jan Steinsdörfer, Lukáš Pavlík from Chinaski, Žofie Dařbujánová from Mydy, Marcell, Yannick Tevi from Vanua2, Aiko, Kaia Brown from N.O.H.A., and bands Like-it, and O5 a Radeček.

„I’m sure that musical fans remember the time when local bands started working with foreign producers on a big scale. They wanted to push their music that way or even get their music heard abroad. As time passed, we can see that what’s more important than the producer is often writing a really good song. And that’s why we try to lead the way as BrainZone and organise Songwriting Camps, which are so popular abroad, and to give Czech artists the opportunity to write with the best in the field,“ says co-founder of BrainZone label, Ladislav Vajdička. 

He notes himself that songwriting camps that BrainZone’s artists participated in around the world in the past brough several hits that scored high in Czech radio charts and high in the charts of IFPI. For instance, Chinaski’s song Venku je na nule. Michal Malátný shared how their songwriting trip to London went: “Songwriting was a great experience for us. We flew there with no expectations whatsoever. After flying in, there was this guy waiting for us in the studio and I played him a few chord progressions I was working on at the time. And he said: Let’s make this a chorus. And in two days we had a song and it was so good that we came back a month later and wrote more songs. It was incredibly inspiring to work with new people. Everyone’s approach is different and that is a good thing, so that one wouldn’t fall into a stereotype, which surely was something we were afraid of. ” 

This year’s Songwriting Camp invited European composers as well as producers from overseas who are at the forefront of songwriting. “The prestigious London creative hub Tileyard Music provided their duo Courtney & Taka alias ARH and Oscar Bell alias ØSCΛR, as well as artist & songwriter Tiggi Hawke. We’re very pleased to welcome Carmen Rizzo back in our circle, American producer who has worked with Seal, Coldplay, Alanis Morissette, Dido and his music was licenced to series such as CSI Miami and True Blood,” says Marie Zhořová, head of BrainZone Sync & Publishing.  

On top of that, this year’s edition will offer a unique opportunity to young and emerging artists interested in pitching their music for sync in film or advertising. On Tuesday June 15, they will have a chance to participate in Listening Sessions with music supervisors and also watch a choice of webinars on topics such as synchronization licencing, getting heard in the music industry or everything you need to achieve a competitive master. “You can opt in for a single panel only at the price of 99CZK, or purchase a ticket for 449CZK to access the whole program and have a chance to watch back on the panels, in case you miss it that day. Our panellists are creatives who are professionals in their field and will advise you on how to get more out of your music and get noticed in TV, film or advertising,” adds Marie. 

Readers can find more info on and purchase tickets to Webinars on the TicketLive website.

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