About Us

BrainZone label

BrainZone is an experienced creative company with a strong background in the music and entertainment industry. BrainZone label as well as BrainZone International both focus on artist management, A&R services, bookings & tour production, PR & marketing services and strategic consulting on local as well as global level.

We publish & distribute music, represent artists, provide a wide range of media services, organize concerts, tours and festivals.

We connect artists, fans, commercial partners & marketing strategies. We are partners with TicketLIVE, a strong market-wide ticketing company.

And now we add a wider range of services to artists in central and eastern Europe – synchronisation, brand partnerships & licencing, and a variety of publishing deals to independent artists.

BrainZone Sync & Publishing

We recognise the importance of building a gateway between central Europe and other territories that would open new opportunities of income and for career development for artists.

BrainZone Sync & Publishing LLC in cooperation with BrainZone and it’s partners offers services ranging from a 360-degree music partnership to tailor-designed deals with just the right services of your choice.

We are here to shine a light on the complex world of publishing administration by providing deals that are transparent and flexible. Using data driven methods permits us to design individual strategies to develop careers and get creative with campaigns that empower artists to step fully into their creativity  instead of compromising to nepotism and to genre or other discrimination.

BrainZone One Stop

We offer one stop synchronisation services on your back catalogue and are prepared to consult your music with you to make sure you are ready to pitch your music to the right places.

BrainZone Playlisting

We love creating new songs and connecting the industry’s best. The BrainZone Songwriting Camp is a creative marathon of meetings connecting artists with experienced songwriters and producers.

Joining our roster brings you opportunities for collaborations and opens up the songwriting world to you by providing opportunities to bring your songwriting skills to fruition.

BrainZone Scores

BrainZone Sync & Publishing is proud to represent the top talent in film music composers and mediate opportunities for orchestral recordings or studios to provide clients with the amazing resources that reside in the Czech and Slovak territories.